Season of Wither

Poem and artwork by Meg Sorick

The rains have come
And the birds have gone
Just the carrion crows
Cackling like crones
Gather in the bare branches
Watchful for a meager meal

Falling Hawthorne berries
And delicate dandelion clocks
Mark the passage of time
Golden gorse and crumbling
Stone walls
Creep the ages by

It is the season for reflection
When death is all around us
To close the doors and windows
On the cold and howling wind
When the brief and bitter daylight
Yields to darkness and decay

To wither or to weather?
Hidden and hermetic
Insulated, introverted
To waste these hours of isolation?
Or cling to life and dream of love
In a springtime so far away

33 thoughts on “Season of Wither

      1. Nice! Didn’t see the Eagles game. They win? And how ‘bout Lamar, man?!? All the doubters that he could play QB can eat a little crow! He got better every year he was here at UofL, and he’s gonna keep getting better in the NFL too.

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      2. They won last week but blew it last night. The Steelers look pretty bad this year too. Maybe that Game Pass wasn’t such a good idea! 😜 And yes! Although I can’t be too happy about the Steelers arch rivals doing so good! 😟

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  1. An excellent poem to usher in the autumn! All the circus’s are delightful. Here we have our magpies, of course.

    My husband was just making a joke about carrion (which I didn’t get). I mentioned taking a carry-on bag for our trip and he said, “You’re bringing a dead rabbit?”

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