The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 52: My Choice

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

My how the year has flown by. I hope you have enjoyed my drawing adventure. I attempted this challenge in order to stretch my drawing skills and force myself to practice each week. The benefits have been that I drew some subject matter that I probably wouldn’t have attempted if it weren’t for the prompt each week. On the other hand, I feel like I rushed through some of these drawings instead of taking my time and really “seeing” the subject of my piece. That is not a good method for improving. Going forward I think I will attempt fewer drawings but spend more time on each one. For my final drawing, my choice is to share with you the piece I am most proud of. Though I didn’t draw it this year, it is my best work. I say goodbye to 2018 with a portrait of my favorite poet: W.B. Yeats.

28 thoughts on “The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 52: My Choice

  1. This piece is excellent and you are justified in feeling proud of it! I cannit rwalky fathom how you get the textures so well of his hair and the overcoat that they look real. Even the eyes look as though they are piercing through you right now. I only wish this handsome gentleman had smiled exuding some warmth!

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      1. Thank you. Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year full of love and affection and lots of opportunities and achievements here and in the new land!

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  2. WBY looks like a moody fellow with a hair-thin temper. But I like it. Try drawing how you think your characters would look in Inhuman. Show us what**you** think Nathan looks like. Happy New Year to the entire Sorick clan.

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    1. He was a bit gloomy and always had his head in the clouds a bit, but he was an exceptional poet so I would expect nothing less! That is a great idea,Tom! I do believe I will give that a try. And I hope the year is a good one for you and yours!


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