Wash me rain, disguise my tears
Bathe me downpour, my way’s unclear

For the ruts are deep, the land abraded
The walking wounded, esteem degraded

Thunder drown the sound of weeping
A silent vow no longer keeping

As I trudge the muddy path
The deluge slows to a shower at last

Soaked and shivering, I carry on
The roiling clouds give way to sun

Soon its warmth dries my skin
And with healing heart I begin

Image found on Pinterest.

38 thoughts on “Storm

  1. Cold here, but sunny. I’ll send you a large package of our sunshine: enough to help those little feet get set back on the true path once again. I feel the pain in your verse … “pain, pain, go away … and don’t come back again.” Look after yourself.

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      1. Such dates are like albatrosses that return to our necks and weigh us down. We must set them free, let them fly, let them soar back into their natural element. “I count only the happy hours” … remember the good times … they are irreplaceable … and rejoice in the happiness you found. That’s good advice for me too. So you can copy and send whenever I sound miserable.

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      1. Hmmm not really sure…now that my De Sade series is finished I am wondering what direction to take…you know I like a good mix between my own fiction and poetry and art and other stuff… so I thinking about the other stuff. Plus I spent a long time looking at stuff tonight that just doesn’t cut the cake standard. Hope I am not running out of material but I don’t want to dilute the quality either, you know I pride myself on the aesthetics.

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      2. I have done one post on Blake though you know how I love him so I could do many more. Let me get thinking. Thank you for the advice. I don’t think I am running out of material yet, but it is always a worry.

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      3. Thank you for your confidence. You can be the judge as the post is now up, though I think I went overboard on the superlatives. maybe I should write about art I hate instead of art I love, might make it more interesting.

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  2. I’m sorry about it being the anniversary of your father’s death. I know it still affects me and Feb. 8 was my dad’s birthday. It’s at the back of my mind this week already. Nothing to do but acknowledge the sadness and move on as best you can. And yes, the sun will come out, unless there’s the nuclear winter, of course! 🙂

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