E = mc² #atozchallenge

Matter never created nor destroyed
This universal law deployed
At squared the speed of light
An object just might
Become energy in the void

As an adult, I love science.  As a student?  Well… Let’s just say, I wish I’d paid better attention in physics instead of goofing off with the basketball players in the back of class.  Oh, to have the chance do it all over again…



College graduation day with my best bud.




38 thoughts on “E = mc² #atozchallenge

    1. Thank you! Truly this is my favorite one so far. 😀 If you have Netflix, I have a recommendation for you. It’s a show called “The Heavy Water War.” Its Norwegian but its about the German atomic program in WW2. It’s fascinating and exciting like a spy thriller. The Norwegians and the British sabotaging the heavy water plant in Norway. Why did Werner Heisenberg go to Denmark? Was he purposely slowing down the project? Working for the British? It’s really good! I’m telling you….

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    1. Bah! Scientists like to make this stuff intimidating so they keep all their secrets to themselves! Physics especially is fun! Because it is how the universe works – everything else is based on it. It’s kind of profound!

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