Three Days, Three Quotes (3)


(Ray Bradbury Image downloaded from Writer’s Circle On Facebook, where they got it, I have no idea!  Header image courtesy

The third and final quote of my 3 day quote challenge!  Thank you to Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha at A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales for asking me to participate.  She is a lovely person with a wonderful blog.  Please go visit her!

My friend Rachel sent me this photo/quote.  Isn’t it brilliant?

It’s a funny thing – writing.  The deeper you immerse yourself into your writing, the stronger the voices of your characters become.   They do talk to you!  You think of them as friends, or at a minimum, acquaintances.  (Even the bad guys!)   When you write them into uncomfortable situations, it makes you nervous. When they face danger, you feel their fear.  If you have to injure one of them, it hurts you, too.  I was slightly nauseated when I wrote my first fictional death.  Yes, I suppose that’s a little mad…  But there are worse things than having something in common with Ray Bradbury!  What do you say, writers?  Do your characters talk to you?

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